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Monnicken Werken is founded by Marieke Raterman-Bos. A name with double meaning in Dutch: my works are made in the town of Monnickendam and vary from different art styles. The expression ‘monnikenwerk’ (monk work) in Dutch means ‘work that takes a lot of patience and time’, like the detailed and precise handwork Monnicken Werken makes.


All Monnicken Werken are hand drawn and made with pen or pencil. My illustrations vary from mandala's, zentangle inspired art (zia's), zendala's, to drawings in art nouveau and vintage style. Monnicken Werken is also a part of Global Doodle Gems: a collaboration of more than 120 artists from all over the world.



New available Monnicken werken in clocks

Smartphone cases

Monnicken Werken also makes smartphone cases. A great gadget for your smartphone, but also a unique present for a special occasion! Each of my Monnicken Werken can be ordered as a print on a smartphone case from €14,95 (euro’s) excluding sending or shipingcosts ($16.40 USD excl shipping costs). So take a look in the Illustration folder!

Coloringbooks for adults

Monnicken Werken is part of the international Global Doodle Gems project: a collaboration of over  120 artists from all over the world. With this project, a unique coloring experience for adults is being created by bringing illustrations from various artists together in coloring books for adults.

The first Monnicken Werken are published in the Christmas collection 2 and can be ordered by clicking on this link. Some of my Monnicken Werken are published in special editions, e.g. a flower and a mandala edition. These editions can be ordered by clicking on the specific edition.

My other Monnicken Werken are being published in volume (7) which wil come out in january 2016. Besides that, Monnicken Werken will participate in different other editions in 2016.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, remarks or requests.